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Who We Are

We are professionals proficient in both business and technology.

We lead our clients to success as the best technology partner by being deeply involved, providing services, and taking responsibility in all phases and full business cycle coverage from strategic consulting, design, development to operation and maintenance. Our approach, what we call the “Simplex Way”, is widely favored by our clients whose key strategies involve Digital Transformation (DX) into their business operations. Each of our professionals, working together as one unified team, play a crucial role in business and technology.

What We Do

We provide value-added propositions and solutions with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise.

We have honed our financial expertise by building robust mission-critical systems that support the core businesses of our client financial institutions, and by producing financial service development that brings new user experience. Our ability to propose business strategies, and to utilize the most advanced technology available for our clients establishes our reliability as the technology partner in the DX of many industries.

Business Domain

We think, build, and evolve together with our clients.

The domain of our service coverage is wide. We assist leading firms in many industries, including in the public sector and financial institutions, to promote DX of their business processes.

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