We assist our clients adopt cloud computing, and accelerate their DX objectives to fit into their business strategy.

Adopting cloud technology is one of the key steps in promoting DX. There are a wide variety of options depending on clients’ unique business strategies and system environment. With the engineering expertise we have acquired through years of solution deployments and operations on cloud, we can design and deliver the most suitable cloud service configurations for our clients in various industries. Our service goes beyond a simple system migration onto the cloud. With our assistance, our clients can take full advantage of cloud technology, and expedite their DX effort.

Has this ever happened to you?

I had some operational improvements and business ideas, but when I spoke with the systems department, they said it would be difficult to handle right now.

Since different vendors are used for each application and system infrastructure, the workload and losses in managing communication have gotten serious.

Lead time for system development is too long due to the constraints of hardware modification and upgrading. Costs are also too high.

Want to be proactive in using advanced technologies, but can’t due to the lack of in-house knowledge and people promoting it.

Why do our clients choose us?

In-depth understanding and extensive experience in cloud-based services

  • Our strength lies in the engineering and operational expertise that we’ve built and refined through our own internal development on cloud.
  • We were an early adopter of the use of public clouds in their infancy stage, and have been delivering cloud-native solutions all along with an excellent track record.
  • We have unrivaled knowledge in advanced system security that we acquired having dealt with the stringent requirements of the financial industry.

Providing services based on Direct Client Engagement and Full Business Cycle Coverage principles

  • To take full advantage of the available cloud technology, it is crucial to keep a good balance between organizational tuples, such as business strategy and IT infrastructure, applications and their supporting infrastructure, and system development and its operations.
  • Simplex commits to engaging with clients directly, and providing full cycle services in all aspects of cloud technology in consulting, design, development, operation and maintenance.
  • Think of us as a strategic partner with whom you can speak about any aspect of the cloud.

Prompt responses to diverse needs

  • We help our clients form and operate their Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to maintain stability in cloud management.
  • We build platforms to promote DX incorporating advanced technologies such as data analytics, AI, and serverless/API architecture.
  • We also support DevOps, a full integration of development and operation, to improve development efficiency.
  • We provide prompt support, including shared checklists and audit support, to meet every client’s needs.

Simplex strengths by numbers

Leading financial institution in Japan


We have a wealth of experience in building and delivering cloud-based systems used in the core business of top-tier financial institutions in Japan. In recent years, we have been receiving a high demand for pilot-test level PoC projects.

*As of April, 2021

Utilization of cutting-edge services


We have extensive experience not only in simple IaaS to store data, but also in PaaS and SaaS, assisting cloud service providers and third-party vendors to integrate their services on clouds.

*As of April, 2021

The award-winning


We received an “APN Competency Partner of the Year - Financial Service” award, given to Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology partners that have demonstrated outstanding performance and records.

AWS-related Initiatives

AWS Partner Network

Simplex has achieved the following AWS*1 Partner Network Status:

Partner Programs

Advanced Tier Services
AWS Public Sector Partner
AWS Well-Architected Partner

APN Certification Distinction

AWS 500 APN Certification Distinction

FISC-compliant APN Consortium

Simplex, as an AWS partner, has participated in the FISC*2-compliant APN Consortium.

The FISC-compliant APN Consortium has produced a reference document for “AWS Security Reference for FISC” released by AWS (the “Reference Document”)*3 to make it easier to use. Simplex provides the Reference Document free of charge to financial institutions and vendors that build systems for financial institutions.

The Reference Document for AWS Security Reference for FISC can be downloaded from the link below. By clicking “Download the Reference Document for AWS Security Reference for FISC,” you are indicating that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use the Reference Document for AWS Security Reference for FISC (Japanese ver. Only)

Download the Reference Document for AWS Security Reference for FISC (Japanese ver. Only)

AWS is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.

FISC refers to The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems, a public interest incorporated foundation that conducts comprehensive research on diverse topics related to financial information systems.

The Reference Document was jointly produced by the member companies of the FISC-compliant APN Consortium: Simplex, Inc., as well as SCSK Corporation, NTT DATA Corporation, TIS Inc., Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd., Trend Micro Incorporated, NEC Corporation, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., and FUJITSU LIMITED. The terms and conditions of use of the Reference Document are provided in the Terms of Use.

AWS Financial Services Competencies

Simplex is the first APN technology partner in Japan to receive a Financial Services Competency certification under the AWS Competency Program.

Amazon Web Services and AWS are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates in the US and other countries.

APN stands for AWS Partner Network, the global partner program of AWS.

Simplex Group’s Leaders

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Simplex Inc.
Executive Officer

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Hiroyuki Minejima

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Simplex Inc.

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