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We support the transformation of government agencies to fit the New Normal era.

The outbreak and spread of COVID-19 in 2019 have forced people to adapt major social changes, and dealing with the changes has had a profound impact on society. Driven by the need for change in all industries to accommodate this new way of life, public institutions are pursuing a variety of initiatives to serve as guidelines or lay the groundwork for future measures. Simplex is assisting public sector institutions, such as central and local governments, and independent administrative agencies by providing support for their projects which have begun to incorporate DX. Here again, we utilize the knowledge and experience in advanced technology which we have built and refined over the years.

Why do our clients choose us?

The synergy effect along with Xspear Consulting, Inc.

  • We assist clients in public sector with their DX as one unified team of Simplex Inc. incorporation cutting-edge technologies and Xspear Consulting, Inc, our group subsidiary dedicated to consulting service.
  • We support full business cycle coverage from strategy formation to business process support, leveraging on our expertise in technology such as AI, IoT, blockchain, RPA, UI/UX design, cloud computing and more.

High effective DX supports driven by our “Hybrid Professionals”

  • We directly engage with clients in all aspects of full business cycle from strategic consulting, design, development, operation and maintenance.
  • “Hybrid Professionals” who are experts in both business and technology, fully committing to support clients in the full business cycle coverage in speedy.
  • Our teams always have long-term partnership with our client in mind. We assist clients promote DX by improvement proposals with understanding of market change.

Our extensive knowledge in the public sector

  • In addition to central ministries, local governments, and administrative agencies, we also have extensive experience working with public interest corporations, such as medical institutions.
  • Our understanding of public institution regulations combined with our experience in the private sector allows us to deliver high quality services.
  • We have professional research capability, allowing us to gather a wide range of domain-specific information and conduct interviews with overseas sources.


We have honed our financial expertise by building robust mission-critical systems that support the core businesses of our client financial institutions, and by producing financial service development that brings new user experience. Our ability to propose business strategies, and to utilize the most advanced technology available for our clients establishes our reliability as the technology partner in the DX of many industries.


Simplex Group’s Leaders

Taketo K.

Xspear Consulting, Inc.
Managing Director

Kunihiko O.

Xspear Consulting, Inc.
Managing Director

Daisuke A.

Simplex Inc.
Executive Principal

Kazuya U.

Deep Percept Inc.

Sadaaki I.

Simplex Inc.
Executive Principal

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