We provide support in promoting DX of construction project management systems for large general contractors.

In today’s world, the need to promote DX regardless of industry categories is being widely encouraged. Even the DX Report published by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) strongly advocates the need to implement DX to address what it calls the “2025 cliff.”, the expected deadline to replace legacy systems. The construction industry is no exception to this, and must break free of legacy systems as soon as possible. The general contractor industry needs to deal with complex tasks unique to the industry, such as JV management, preventing them from adopting major ERP packages. This results in each company having to maintain its own mainframe system. Having each one of them maintain a legacy core system is a major risk factor not only in terms of obsolete technology but also in securing capable IT staff. To resolve this situations, Simplex serves as a technology partner with extensive knowledge in general contractor’s business operations, and has been helping them successfully break free of legacy systems.

Reference : Report on Digital Transformation of METI

Why do our clients choose us?

Our In-depth understanding and knowledge of general contractor business

  • Simplex’s specialists possess in-depth knowledge of the supply chain operations of general contractors.
  • We understand when to introduce new technology and when to rely on their legacy components.

Optimal system design

  • When revamping a legacy system, it is important for a general contractor to draw a line between the areas where they can use a commercially available system solution commonly adopted in the industry, and the areas where they should keep relying on their legacy system with their own niche features to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • For example, we understand that each contractor has their own optimal way to estimate budget and determine project cost. Thus, we propose a system design that suits them by correctly identifying the areas that can be shifted to a new vendor solution, and the areas where their legacy logic should remain.

Engage in the full business cycle from DevOps to operation and maintenance

  • Our support goes beyond the initial system deployment. We remain engaged closely to ensure stable business and system operations after the system goes into production.
  • In particular, after a system goes “live” on their premises first, and the clients’ IT department or IT subsidiary know that they have a stable system, they can transfer the whole operation to us to maintain if they choose to do so. This helps them to improve cost efficiency, and focus their resources on their core business while ensuring stable and continuous operations.


We have honed our financial expertise by building robust mission-critical systems that support the core businesses of our client financial institutions, and by producing financial service development that brings new user experience. Our ability to propose business strategies, and to utilize the most advanced technology available for our clients establishes our reliability as the technology partner in the DX of many industries.


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