Financial Services Development

We respond to our clients’ IT needs in their core business, from regulatory compliance to full-fledged system development.

Non-financial firms are rapidly entering into the financial business domain, leveraging their own customer bases. Thus, in order to remain competitive, it is crucial for financial institutions to enhance their products and services by utilizing new digital platforms. Simplex is one of the few firms capable of offering full-fledged IT services, ranging from strategic IT planning and design, deployment, operation and maintenance. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that we have a proven track record in delivering a wide variety of solutions to all top-tier banks, securities firms, and life insurance companies as well as online banks, online securities firms, and online life insurance companies.

Why do our clients choose us?

Our ability to design competitive services

  • We assist our clients design niche and competitive financial services based on market trends and environment.
  • We have established a strong reputation for innovating clients’ business models that have synergy with their existing businesses.
  • Simplex places its highest value in our ability to provide problem-solving proposals, and taking a leadership role.

Our expert-driven support for operation design and regulatory compliance

  • Our domain experts in each financial product category assist clients build business models.
  • We assist our clients with reporting to regulators.
  • Think of us as a strategic partner with whom you can speak about any aspect of financial services.

Our system development capability support for clients to rapidly enter a new financial business

  • Our approach is to look over all key business requirements before we produce an overall system design layout and implementation plan.
  • Another advantage our clients have is that they can save time when launching their business by using our proven in-house library of software and shared services.
  • We stand by our clients even after they launch their new business, by providing them with proposals targeted to improve their profitability.

Awards / Certifications

Our track records of winning awards in the industry is proof that we are leaders in the Financial IT industry.

Case Studies

Comprehensive support for launching of Marui Group’s new securities business

tsumiki Co.,Ltd (Group Company of Marui Group)

We helped Marui Group launch their new subsidiary securities firm (tsumiki) from the ground up. We gave them broad range support from building the business model, designing operational flows, determining overall systems requirements to vendor selection, system development, and project management.

Comprehensive support for launching LINE Group’s cryptocurrency trading service

LINE Xenesis (Group Company of LINE Group)

We supported the LINE Group when they entered into the cryptocurrency business domain. When the client stated that they wanted to build the UI and infrastructure on their own, we responded flexibly with complementary services and our own software library components integrated into the business logic layer. We also provided strong business expertise to help launch the new crypto trading business. This included operational flow design by our experts in this new business domain, and assistance with the business registration process when dealing with regulatory bodies in charge of the cryptocurrency exchange business.


Simplex Group’s Leaders

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