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Simplex Inc. Takes Minority Stake in Back-Office DX Solution Provider, PathosLogos

Simplex Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Hideki Kaneko; hereinafter “Simplex”) hereby announces that it has taken a minority stake of ¥300 million in PathosLogos Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “PathosLogos”).

Outline of PathosLogos

With its mission to promote digital transformation (DX) of the back office of Japanese companies so that their corporate department can make time for creativity it needs, PathosLogos develops and sells back-office DX solutions. The company offers a platform equipped with a standard database, aiming for “co-creation” of HR SaaS services with other solution providers. Through this standard database, PathosLogos’ solutions can be implemented with a linkage with multiple SaaS systems made in advance. This enables centralized information management, reduced system operations load, and enhanced availability and flexibility.

Company name

PathosLogos Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and CEO

Masayuki Makino


October 2020

Business description

Development and sale of IT solutions for back office


Comment from Masayuki Makino, Representative Director and CEO of PathosLogos Co., Ltd.

PathosLogos, our brand name for HR co-creation platform, is designed to help large companies to reasonably solve issues facing their conventional core HR systems. Conventional integrated systems make it difficult for large companies to accomplish their management strategy through the prompt adoption of new systems. Our HR co-creation platform is a platform that offers quite a large number of databases of a large company with a linkage with numerous SaaS solutions. Building such a system requires stable processing of a vast number of transactions and robust security. Simplex has a very strong technological capability in mission-critical systems used in the financial field. Through a collaboration with Simplex, we will aim to further enhance our value.

Comment from Hideki Kaneko, Representative Director, President and CEO of Simplex Inc.

Now that many companies are struggling with their gigantic and complex legacy system as a result of the repeated sub-optimization, PathosLogos not only helps them solve their issues but also supports their business growth by building a simple and high-availability system. Likewise, Simplex has strived to offer value added solutions, going beyond just helping our clients in financial and non-financial industries solve their issues through DX. PathosLogos focuses on “co-creation” with other providers’ products, and we consider it quite a useful idea that leads to reduce clients’ implementation costs. We therefore believe that a collaboration between PathosLogos and Simplex boasting a strong technological capability will enable us to deliver greater value to the world.

Outline of Simplex Inc.

Since its foundation in 1997, Simplex Inc. has been engaged in business as a technology partner for Japan’s leading financial institutions, including mega banks and large general securities firms. Currently, Simplex also offers its solutions to non-financial industries by drawing on its wealth of expertise cultivated in the financial field. Simplex Holdings, Inc., our holding company, established an AI technology firm Deep Percept Inc. in March 2019 and started a comprehensive consulting firm Xspear Consulting, Inc. in April 2021. Working together as one team with these new group firms, Simplex, which has worked to create added value since its foundation, has been assisting our clients in the financial industry, and more recently in the public sector and other industry-leading firms with their DX.

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Segawa, Public Relations, Corporate Innovation Division, Simplex Holdings, Inc.
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