We assist our clients create new business with our expertise in blockchain learnt through financial industry.

Based on our extensive track records and experience in blockchain technology built in the financial industry, Simplex can provide optimal blockchain services in a wide range of industries and sectors. With these services, we assist our clients create new blockchain-related businesses.

Has this ever happened to you?

We’ve been considering a business by utilizing blockchain, but don’t know where to start.

It’s too difficult to connect blockchain with our existing systems.

We can’t implement the business because there are few or no blockchain engineers.

We’ve gone as far as Proof of Concept but can’t go any further.

Why do our clients choose us?

Consulting that leads to real business

  • Simplex provides a variety of bespoke services to each client, often times starting from discussing blockchain basics, industry insights, and case studies. In the process, our goal is to identify issues, and present solutions to resolve them together.

Superb engineering skills and quality

  • With our experience and track records in supporting blockchain services to our institutional clients in highly competitive financial markets, we provide superb quality engineering services.

Infusion of consulting and technology

  • When we create proposals to our clients, we address not only the near-term system development, but also the clients’ foreseeable strategic expansion in the future.
  • We remain in close touch, keep assisting them to improve and enhance post-launch systems.

Use cases

01 Cryptocurrency trading venue

We provide a range of support from consulting for clients considering entering into new crypto asset businesses, to the system selection and implementation to meet clients’ business plan and business status.

02 STO system

We provide business consulting to select an ideal digital platform for STO that can integrate well with other external securities systems.

03 NFT Exchange

We provide a wide range of support for NFT trading, which have been attracting significant interest lately, from the early stage business consulting to development, implementation, operation and maintenance.

04 Introducing blockchain as part of digitalization

We provide support to not only the finance industry, but also logistics, medical, insurance, and real estate industries, interested in introducing blockchain as a means to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Case Studies

Development of the wallet system for TaoTao

TaoTao Inc.

We provide secured and user-friendly wallet system, featuring not only high level of security specification required for crypto asset brokers but also constructing support team. Our track records of development and operation and maintenance in crypto asset trading system, especially high level of security that users can use with confidence, has been well-recognized by our clients.


Simplex Group’s Leaders

Kazuo Miura

Simplex Inc.
Executive Principal

Takuya Inoue

Simplex Inc.
Executive Principal

Masaki Tsuchiya

Simplex Inc.
Executive Principal

Minoru Kosaka

Simplex Inc.
Executive Principal

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